May 1, 2019: Mary’s Day

I worked late last night, so slept in a bit this morning. This morning was just a little time to hang out outside with coffee. I was up late enough that coffee was ready for me when I got up. We had some sun this morning before the rain returned tonight.

I actually started the day talking to Mary. She had a rough morning because she discovered this morning that has job has been exposing her to cadmium and had not just ignored the health risks, but she had directly asked about it and they had told her to not use any personal protective equipment as cadmium was “completely safe” which, of course, it is not at all safe. So we talked for a long time all morning.

Kat needed Paul to help her at school today. So Paul taught a business class today.

I was supposed to run some more interviews today, but like yesterday, the candidates were not up to scratch so they didn’t need to talk to me.

Late this morning, Liesl asked me if we could have pancakes today. Right as she did I noticed the IHOP gift certificate from my dad. So I said “yes”, and that’s what we did for lunch. It took me hours to be able to go to lunch today, though. We wanted to go around one, and I couldn’t get off of the phone until after three!

I worked until around ten in the evening. Way too late. Mary was online with me for much of the evening, probably four hours. She’s learning all kinds of IT stuff.

The girls and I played some of the cooperative Zelda fighting game that they are really into on the Wii U. We’ve been doing a little every night and getting better and better at it. It takes a lot of concentration to get through it.