May 21, 2019: YouTube Channel Exploding

Tuesday. I finally got some sleep last night. Went to bed early and slept in a bit. Feeling pretty good.

It is mostly a quiet day around the house. No family here. I will be heading down to Houston tomorrow evening to join them. It was pretty much a busy work day for me.

We got a bug zapper for the atrium today. The flies, of all things, have gotten just so bad out there the past few weeks.

The exciting thing is that my SAMIT video on the Huawei vs Google situation hit over a thousand views in a single day, and I got several new subscribers. A very good day for my channel. Apparently doing news commentary is a popular thing for me to do. I guess that I will have to be doing more of that in the future.

Paul had pool league this evening so it was a quiet evening at the house for me. I had a lot of work to do, though, so I really never left my desk and just worked essentially all night until about three in the morning. I just cooked myself some vegetarian chicken patties and ate them while attempting to watch some Karl Watson videos on YouTube, but only got maybe ten minutes of relaxing time.

I did some recording for my SAMIT channel, but the camera managed to lose it, so I spent a good hour trying to recover what I had made and then gave up, made a new video, and uploaded that before getting off to bed.