May 3, 2019: Finally Friday

Friday. After such a long, exhausting night last night (working until four this morning) I tried my best to sleep in as long as I could. But, of course, I was called out of bed and Paul came to wake me up and let me know that I was needed on the phone by nine. So very little sleep for me, after a long week of not very much sleep. I am so tired.

Mary was around again today, but she had a busy day so I did not get much of a change to talk to her.

Valentina was out sick most of the day, which did a lot to make me that much busier.

We shipped our first equipment to Bolivia today, to Cochabamba. USPS says that it will take seven to ten days. We will see.

My morning was all very busy. And on into the entire day. I never really got a break all day. I was at my desk dealing with customer issues, or more web hosting, until nearly seven. I was thankful that the interview that I was supposed to do today was canceled (not good enough to go on to the round that I was managing) so at least I got that reprieve.

I was living on coffee the entire day. By evening I was actually able to walk away from my desk. Dominica and I took the change to put on Kara & Nate and spent some time relaxing. For dinner I went out to Taco Bueno and picked up dinner for Liesl, Luciana, and me. Liesl also had me cook her a veggie burger before I went. Then she had Mexi Chips & Dips, Luciana had a quesadilla, and I had my normal vegetarian burritos.

Dominica and I did a lot more planning for our trip to Europe in June as well. We have more of our flights books, and we have our hotel is Athens books now, too. Dominica found some really cool places to stay in Switzerland, too. So it looks like we might do that, out in the country where we have never been before.

We watched our shows for a while, but both Dominica and I were starting to feel sick. Eventually we gave up trying to watch our show.

I video games with the girls for a while. We completed level eight of a total of nine in our multiplayer Zelda action game that we have been working on for weeks.

Then before bed Liesl and I watched episode four of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I was so ready for a Friday. I need this weekend to relax, if that is possible. MangoCon 2019 is this coming week and I have to get ready for that, as well!