June 2, 2019: Grand Tour Instagram Prep Photo Shoot

Sunday. Today is crazy hot. While officially it is just eighty eight this morning, it was a “feels like” ninety seven day. And that was still this morning, it just kept getting hotter and hotter.

Emily and I were both exhausted yesterday, so were not up for getting up and getting going early this morning. Although we should have, because it was so brutally hot that we couldn’t take it for long today.

We had hoped to leave by nine, but Emily could not find her letter board that she had been planning to use for the shoot (because her mother hid it in her craft room.) So that cost about an hour (and did not make for a happy Emily.)

We finally got out the door and started with a quick trip to Donuts, Tacos, and Kolaches, our old stop, and picked up breakfast. The owner, as always, remembered us and commented on how old Emily is now. We said that we were headed off to Paris soon, as that is where the owner is from originally.

From there we drove down to Galveston to use the same beach that we had used last time. When we got there, we really realized just how hot it was. We did what we could, but were dying from the heat in no time. And it took a long time to change the letter board between pictures, which made standing in the bright sun that much harder.

We did as much as we could then ran back to the van and sat in the air conditioning for about twenty minutes. Then we ran out and shot some more. Then back to the van. Then some more and gave up as it was just too hot, we couldn’t keep going. Thank goodness I had thought to put on sun screen this morning or it would have been really bad for me. While we were there we got over three hundred pictures taken (plus over one hundred yesterday) and I got a little bit of video to use for some testing with the Lumix to see how it should do for travel stuff.

We shot until around one thirty then drove back to the house, stopping at Sonic on the way back for some cold drinks and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

While back at the house we did a bunch more pictures for another hour or so. We have loads of stuff now to use on the Instagram account.

It ended up taking us till around four thirty to finally get the minivan loaded and to get on the road. We made our now obligatory stop at the Carl’s Jr. on El Dorado before leaving town to make sure that we could get some Beyond Burgers as they are harder to get in the Dallas area. We will be going two months without them shortly, so we need to eat them while we can.

The drive home went fine. We have Mia the dog with us. She was sleeping in the third row all of the way and did really well.

We picked up Taco Bueno before getting to the house, so dinner was all taken care of. We watched some Voyager, then some travel videos. Kat came over as well and hung out.