January 19, 2020: Liesl’s Birthday Party at Freeplay


We were unable to schedule all of Liesl’s birthday party people at the same time, so after going to Freeplay with her friends a few weeks ago, today it is Freeplay with her cousins. Dominica and Paul decorated a My Hero Academia cake for her.

While at Freeplay, all of the kids managed to get into a Street Fighter 2 Tournament which was really cool. Luciana ended up losing to Clara.

Liesl ended up going to the very final of the tournament and did exceptionally well – she came in second which is amazing considering she is so young and it is a game that she has only played once or twice before. So well that the tournament organizer came and talked to us about having her join a weekend arcade competition league that they hold there. He said that she was a natural and was winning consistently because she was actually playing the game really well and not just mashing buttons or getting lucky. He does this full time and was really interested in having her game there.

Our video of her playing had over 4,400 views by the time that I posted it here (months later!)

Dominica and I ended up playing Time Crisis 3 from beginning to end. That was an exhausting game.

Francesca really wanted Fuzzy Tacos, so she and I ran out and got lunch there and ate and brought back food for those that wanted them. Francesca really liked her food from Fuzzy’s. We got to hang out for a while and caught up on what all was going on with work and everything. She’s super excited about all of the stuff that we have going on in Nicaragua and is actually interested in looking into it more.

After Freeplay, Dominica and Francesca were out shopping again. Then the kids were all doing VR all evening again. It’s amazing how popular that is with all of the kids (and Paul.)

The Grices are leaving early tomorrow morning.

I got a new video game tonight that is from Level 5 that I’ve been waiting to play for many years. I’m looking forward to playing it with the girls when we have time.