I know, I know, it has been two weeks since I did the last Llama update. I have a good excuse, though. Nate and I headed for a business convention in Tampa last week and it has been quite a hectic time since then. Wednesday (the 11th), Nate headed out to Perry and stayed there […]

Can you believe it, this is the third daily update in a row. I know that you are all very impressed. So, some of the latest news is that Nate and I have purchased a really cool 1988 Mazda RX-7 Convertible in red. We found the car and fell in love with it. The RX-7 […]

Well, a lot of work has been done to the site today so I hope that everyone gets the chance to check it out. This weekend we managed to find a cool new place in Ithaca to hang out, the Odyssey. Tonight we will be heading back there so see if you can find us […]

Ok, ok. I know that the postings have stopped for some time and this is a really long break to have taken in updating the site but we wanted to get the site switched over to its new home and everything before a lot more work went into it. So here it is. Hopefully a […]