Yo fools! I am writing today’s update from my living room beanbag while watching ” Kindergarten Cop.” All of the llamas are here watching, what a bunch of weirdos we are. Josh came down from Rochester this weekend and we ended up having an all day frag fest on Saturday playing Quake II. We have gotten so into these computer games, it is truly pathetic. Having four players in the house makes for some good gaming though. I ran out to the mall yesterday and picked up more games so that we have more variety. I can’t believe how much we play. Anyway, happy April Fools Day! It is hard to believe that it is already April, this year has been flying by so quickly.

Ok, so Josh brought down his copy of the anime Serial Experiments: Lain – Navi. What a bizarre film. I don’t know yet if I can recommend this one. It is a very strange movie – I haven’t been able to follow it all yet. I will keep you up to date as to whether or not I am able to figure out what is going on. It is interesting to say the least. I have already watched the first four episodes and I am still in the dark. So…

We managed to get a picture of the gang over the weekend. Nate took the picture for us. That is me all the way over on the right. Josh is next to me, you’ve all seen him before. That is Loopy standing next to Josh! Yes, Loopy really does exist. Matt is standing on the left. The picture is taken here in the llamas’ kitchen.

April Fools Llamas... Matt Josh Andy Scott

Wow, can you believe that it has been ten days since I have had the chance to write anything to the site? What a busy week. I had to run down to Washington and work down there all week. While I was there, I spent some time watching ” SpongeBob SquarePants ” on Nick. I suggest that everyone check it out. It is so funny. I have been singing the theme song for the last two days. Loopy is going crazy.

Well, my new video card has still not arrived and I am getting very anxious to be able to play Quake II with even cooler graphics. I know, it is sad when an IT professional doesn’t already have this stuff around his house but I just haven’t been playing video games much over the last few years and I am just behind the times. Lo siento! We did manage to get Tim to play the other day and Josh went out and bought himself a copy last night so that he could play over the internet with us from Rochester.

I have to go to Washington tomorrow and stay there for the entire week because I am taking an intensive AIX training class being hosted by IBM. It should be a fun class but it is fourty hours in a single week. It is going to be a long and exhausting week. So, be prepared, there isn’t going to be any SGL postings going on while I am out of town. Unless, of course, I decide that I am getting bored and decide to head over to our server farm there and play on the machines there.

Wow, is March flying by us or what? It seams like I was doing such a good job with this site and then everything hits and we fall soooo far behind. Sorry about that everybody. Maybe tonight we can get some cool new stuff posted for y’all. The new game around the house is Quake II! Loopy and I swore that we would never get into such a mindless game but here we are, playing it all night long and talking about it at work. I even ordered a new video card for my computer so that I can play it even better. How sad, I know. It is a fun game, though. Bob, Loopman and I all run around killing each other. Tim (our Letter to the Editor guy) is coming over tonight and we will probably get him to play too. He has played before. Tonight, instead of doing our weakly restaurant review session, our friend Cara is coming over and cooking for all of the llamas. See how cool it is to live in the sea? Anyway, sorry about the week+ between postings. I hope that everyone has checked out IthacaPortal, it has been absorbing all of my time. Plus, it looks like I am going to be taking OilNavigator under my wing again. Always something going on. Take care, Llamas!

February 28, 2001: Happy Birthday Eric

Happy Birthday to Eric, one of our email contributors! He is the big quarter century today.

IthacaPortal.com opened today on the Niatel network. IthacaPortal is a new site that will be attempting to be your one-stop guide to all things Ithaca and Tompkins County so I suggest that everyone in the area go there and check it out for cool places to go to in and around Ithaca. It isn’t anything too exciting yet, right now it is basically just a lot of links but there will be lots of content forthcoming so it is worth bookmarking. This has been a back-burner project of mine for some time and it is finally a reality now.

Also, check out www.OilNavigator.com if you want to see something else that I have been working on. I worked at OilNav this past Autumn while I was living in DC. If you check the contact page, you will see that I am still listed as the webmaster. It is actually a consulting position.

[IthacaPortal went on to be relatively popular for several years during the time while I still lived primarily in Ithaca.  After the summer of 2003 when I moved away from Ithaca the site became rather stagnant and eventually faded away.  It was discontinued completely around 2005.  The name was then bought by another company.

OilNavigator didn’t last very long after this point.  The bulk of the staff was let go a few weeks after I left there last year and most of them never saw any compensation for the time that they were putting in there.  I was the last person at OilNavigator to get full compensation.  They made some attempt this year to hold on and generate some revenue or get bought out but that hope never came to fruition and later in 2001 the site would fade away as well.  By 2006 most references to the site left online would point back to my own online resume or to SGL.  December, 2007.]