CPUs, Cores and Threads: How Many Processors Do I Have?

In my job role I am very often called upon to determine how many “processors” a machine has or how many we will need for a specific task. Ten years ago this was a simple process but today even the very concept of the “processor” is fuzzy at best and only a very few people […]

Linux CPU Speed Reporting

Linux has multiple means of reporting CPU speed. This can make hardware discovery difficult depending on what source you attempt to use as your reference point. You may discover that two sources, such as cpuinfo and dmidecode produce entirely different results. Your first inclination will probably be that one of these is inaccurate but there […]

November 7, 2007: Still Learning the Trains

It is Wednesday and that means that I am working out in Warren today. Today was my first attempt at going from Newark to Summit via the NJ Transit line that stops at the Newark Broad Street Station. I actually managed to get onto the wrong train this morning but they were nice enough to […]