December 24, 2008: Christmas Eve in Frankfort

Today is my very first time spending Christmas Eve at the Tocco’s in Frankfort and, as well, dad’s first time spending Christmas Eve with me (since Christmas 1975, obviously.) My secret project for the day was working to get the new website and blog,, created and up and running so that we could use […]

July 22, 2008: Oreo’s Grandpa

Dice Brick Smash is out. Post your high scores in the comments! Apple has added another feature to the AppleTV: Remote. Remote is a free application that owners of an iPhone or an iPod Touch can download and use to control their AppleTV or iTunes on their computer from anywhere on their network. This sounds […]

June 20, 2008: Introducing HandBrake Helper

Oreo was incredibly tired as Dominica dragged him off to daycare this morning. He was giving me the big, sad puppy dog eyes saying “save me daddy” which he does when he really, really wants to just stay home and sleep. He doesn’t know that on days when he goes to daycare that I get […]