SGL Podcast Episode 59: Northern Ireland

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 59 in MP3 Format. Scott and Dominica continue their trip in the United Kingdom by flying to Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is just Scott doing a recap six months after the trip. Unfortunately due to severe time constraints this show is going out raw – no editing, no cleanup. You […]

April 11, 2008: Flat Stanley Comes to Newark

Sheep Guarding Llama’s Flat Stan from Iuka, Mississippi Flickr Page Before this morning I was not acquainted with Flat Stanley.  Apparently I am out of the loop, but that is nothing new. I learned of Flat Stanley from a friend back home in Leicester, New York who needed a favour… It seems that our Flat […]

February 2, 2008: Lazy Saturday at Home

I had to get up at a quarter to eight this morning to do some work for the office. One of the hazards of supporting London, Belfast and Manama is that anything that happens on the weekend is likely to happen very, very early. So even though I am working at eight here I am […]

November 23, 2007: Working in Belfast

Today, we thought, would be almost a holiday as it is the day after Thanksgiving and almost everyone is out of the office. For the most part this was true. We slept in as we were thoroughly exhausted, got breakfast at the hotel right before they closed the buffet and then did some light relaxing […]

SGL Podcast Episode 57: Leaving for the UK

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 57 – MP3 This is the final episode before Scott and Dominica head out to London. It is a short show covering an overview of the trip including our UK itinerary. Music in this episode from: Aaron – Last Goodbye Ken Campbell – Lady O For more options, including Ogg […]