Why AppleTV is Great for Kids

Television and computers have long been challenges for children. We want to give them television and Internet access in their bedrooms but from a very early age this is, obviously, problematic. Having spent some time about the mode in which the AppleTV operates I believe that this may be a really great solution to this […]

March 16, 2008: Miscellaneous Catchup Sunday

Dominica actually woke up before me today. I was pretty tired but not too bad. We got up and checked in with Kit and Jay about meeting them brunch in the city but they weren’t feeling well this morning and decided to drive back to Baltimore this morning rather than this evening. We got up […]

March 2, 2008: Playing on AsoBrain

Dominica’s first thing this morning was playing MySims on the Nintendo Wii. She is starting to get into it a bit. It is a cute and simple game but it looks like it might be a bit of fun. It adds some new twists to the Sims family of games. The graphics are definitely good. […]