May 31, 2008: Off to Disney World!

Scott and Dominica’s Disney 2008 Flickr Set. I was awfully tired this morning after having worked until eleven thirty last night and then having the alarm go off at four thirty this morning. I actually woke up three minutes before the alarm all on my own which at least saved me from being jolted awake […]

The Disney Guide for 2007

In May of 2007 Scott and Dominica return to Walt Disney World in Florida one and a half years after their previous journey in late 2005. We had so much fun doing the blog and podcast and videos and Flickr-feed that we decided that we had to do it again. This time we went for […]

SGL Podcast Episode 55: Day One in Disney World 2007

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 55 in MP3 Download the SGL Podcast Episode 55 in Ogg Vorbis Day One of Scott and Dominica in Disney World. Recorded in Room 2433 of the Animal Kingdom Lodge on May 11, 2007. No music, just a Disney World update covering our trip to WDW yesterday and our first […]

SGL Podcast Episode 6: Lots of People Listening and It Is Great

SGL Podcast Episode 6 – MP3 Scott records episode six over two days in Geneseo, talks about Open Office and his upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. Misc: SGL Podcast Episode 6 OurMedia Page. (This epside was originally hosted on Podomatic before being moved to SGL.)