Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This is my page for tracking the games that I own or use to own on the Super Nintendo (SNES.) I bought the SNES at the Walmart in Geneseo (the old one, not the Super Walmart that is there now) back in 1993 when they released the SNES/Super Mario All Stars Bundle. If I remember correctly my maternal grandparents were visiting us at the time – they would often come up for a few days to a week during the summer. I took the console to college with me in Flint, Michigan in June, 1994 when I started at GMI Engineering and Management Institute there. I only had it with me there through September. I took the Commodore Amiga 13″ colour monitor to hook it too. So I had no television but I did have my SNES.

A large number of the games that I ended up with on the SNES were given to me when the console was fairly old and were not titles that I would have spent my own money on. My big titles for the console were the Mario games (because I had never had an original NES and they were practically new to me) and the RPGs like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. The one odd game out that was a real classic for me on this platform was Dark Waters 2.

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