SGL Podcast Episode 59: Northern Ireland

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 59 in MP3 Format. Scott and Dominica continue their trip in the United Kingdom by flying to Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is just Scott doing a recap six months after the trip. Unfortunately due to severe time constraints this show is going out raw – no editing, no cleanup. You […]

SGL Podcast Episode 58: England

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 58 in MP3 Format. Scott and Dominica travel to London and Stratford-upon-Avon in England as their week in the UK begins. Unfortunately this podcast had to be recorded six months after the actual trip. But hey, better late than never. Sorry, no music in this show. You can also stream […]

January 30, 2008: First Netflix Movie

I was exhausted this morning, the last few days have been catching up with me, and so decided to sleep in with Oreo for a little while and leave about the same time as Dominica. I was surprised to find that it was decently warm and raining when I got outside. I can’t believe that […]

November 23, 2007: Working in Belfast

Today, we thought, would be almost a holiday as it is the day after Thanksgiving and almost everyone is out of the office. For the most part this was true. We slept in as we were thoroughly exhausted, got breakfast at the hotel right before they closed the buffet and then did some light relaxing […]

November 17, 2007: Super Crazy Travel Day

November 16th Wrap Up: We left the apartment in Newark via a taxi cab to Newark-Liberty International Airport at five thirty. The cab was a few minutes late but we were allowing three hours at the airport because it is an international flight and that is what they say to do so we were not […]