July 4, 2002

Happy Independance Day!! Dominica went into the office with me today to help me work on our truck mounted system. We were very productive and the system might actually be ready to go. It is still so hot down here, it is late at night and the outside temperature is still in the nineties. Instead […]

July 3, 2002

Boy was it a hot one down here in DC. We hit over 100 degrees today and the heat index was supposed to be climbing near 110. Ouch. Just to make everything more enjoyable, the electric company decided to do some work on the condo’s electrical system during the heat of the day and shut […]

July 1, 2002

Miranda is coming tomorrow to visit us from far away Canada. She will be down for the week and will have the opportunity to celebrate her first ever Fourth of July. Emily and Craig will be down tomorrow as well visiting us from far away Colorado. Of course, I have to go to DC tonight […]

June 30, 2002

So yesterday, while doing some quick shopping, I managed to partake in a large sale at KMart in Ithaca and I purchased an outdoor bar set complete with a “bar”, a bartender’s stool and four bar stools / chairs. The set is very attractive and should be a lot of fun for throwing outdoor parties. […]