Scope Creep in Software Development

Few words strike fear into the hearts of software development managers and developers than scope creep. Long the bane of the development industry, scope creep has affected almost everyone who works on software – even those who work for themselves but especially those who report to a client providing software specifications.  The perennial question in […]

The Perfect Development Environment Manual

This paper was written as my final paper for my graduate Process Management course at RIT.  The paper is based on a semi-fictional software as a service (software on demand) vendor which develops its own software and maintains its own development processes.  This document was to be formatted somewhere between a handbook and a memorandum […]

Robert Dewar on Java (and College)

Two recent interviews with Prof. Robert Dewar of NYU, Who Killed the Software Engineer and The ‘Anti-Java’ Professor, have recently been popular on the web and I wanted to add my own commentary to the situation.  These interviews arise from Dewar’s article in the Software Technology Support Center: Computer Science Education: Where are the Software […]

Choosing a Linux Distro in the Enterprise

Linux is popular in big business today. No longer, and not for a long time now, has Linux been the purview of the geek community but it is a solid, core piece of today’s mainstream IT infrastructure. That being said, Linux is still plagued by confusion over its plethora of distributions. This being the case […]